Due to the efforts of my attorney, Lisette Lavergne and her wonderful team, I was able to obtain my visa and eventually my green card. The immigration process in the United States is very complicated. Therefore, it is important to choose your attorney wisely. I have been a client since 2012, I retained the services of Lisette Lavergne, Esq. from Salmen Navarro & Lavergne, PC to begin the application process for my O visa.

Horacio Ontiveros
Radio Host

When I first went to Lisette, I went in looking to enlist her to assist me with my O-1 Visa application, since I am an actor. Lisette analyzed my case thoroughly and instead determined my eligibility for asylum. We only had 3 days to file the application. Throughout the application process, Lisette not only guided and counseled me, but she also provided support and had a sense of humor.

Kingsley Oguejiofor

As a foreign startup company in the USA, we engaged the services of SALMEN NAVARRO & LAVERGNE, PC for our Business and Investor Visas. It is always a worrying time securing visas to enable progression of a new company, but this company and their team were very reassuring and professional. The very personal guidance and step by step instruction given to us by Lisette Lavergne and her team was superb.

Silva Regal
ACA USA INC., Business

For the last two years, I have been working for the number one insurance company in the United States in the area of Management Consulting. A year ago I had to renew my working visa and my immigration attorney in Mexico referred me to the law firm, Salmen Navarro & Lavergne, PC. The moment I contacted Lisette Lavergne, she demonstrated her dedication and professionalism towards my case.

Juan Carlos Juarez
Insurance Company

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